HV/ PD/ DLA Commissioning Tests

We use the latest in offline partial discharge detecting technology and specialise in 2 and 3 phase testing adhering to AS62271.201-2008. We are the solution to your switchgear commissioning needs. We have an extensive knowledge of the Australian Standards and maintain a high degree of accuracy and professionalism towards these. We will track down faulty equipment and weed them out of your network. Various PD detecting methods allow us to pinpoint PD activity and determine the cause and what parts need replacing. We also offer AC leakage withstand testing, insulation resistance(IR) testing and contact resistance testing. We can tailor a package to suit your commissioning needs. 

HV Plant commission tested:

  • 11/33kV Circuit breakers and bus bars
  • 11kV Ring main units (RMU's)
  • 11/33kV Pole mounted reclosers (PMR's)
  • 11/33kV Capacitor banks
  • Cable commissioning
  • Transformer commissioning