Long HV cable testing & fault location

At NPD we specialised in long length cable testing for the gas industry. The HV Trunklines connect the Field Compression Stations (FCS) to the Compression Processing Plants (CPP). Due to the large distances that these facilities are apart the HV cabling can run for many kilometres. NPD have provided QGC with the testing methodology that has been accepted and approved by Brittish Gas in the UK for the QCLNG Trunklines Project here in Queensland. We are using specialised high powered VLF testing equipment that maintains the required 0.1Hz frequency for the testing duration. This is extremely important as cable vendors will not provide warranty on HV cable that has been tested at a lower frequency. Standard VLF testing equipment is unable to test high amounts of capacitance without reducing the frequency and therefore leaves the customer with no support from cable manufactures.

NPD can provide HV cable & sheath fault finding services. A very important tool on the big jobs when hundreds of cable joints are going into the ground. Minimise down time by contracting NPD who specialise in cable testing and cable fault location. We have many professional cable jointers that work side-by-side with NPD and we can provide cable jointing as part of the project scope.

Specialty services we provide: -

  • Expert technical advice on commissioning long lengths of HV cable
  • Long length cable testing using high powered equipment
  • Cable fault location
  • Cable jointing


***NPD have been nominated for a safety award on the QCLNG Project***