At NPD we specialised in long length cable testing for the gas industry. The HV Trunklines connect the Field Compression Stations (FCS) to the Compression Processing Plants (CPP).

A significant investment with respect to electric power distribution is in cable systems. A high degree of reliability and reasonable life expectancy of the cable systems are necessary.

At NPD we use the latest technology in online substation testing. Our technicians are trained and experienced in this leading edge technology to locate equipment flaws, in particular partial discharge in HV apparatus. The equipment used detects defects using TEV, ultrasonic, RF and infrared.

We use the latest in offline partial discharge detecting technology and specialise in 2 and 3 phase testing adhering to AS62271.201-2008. We are the solution to your switchgear commissioning needs.

At NPD we have an extensive background in switchgear testing and fault investigations. We offer a range of tests including IR, AC withstand testing, DLA/ DDF testing and PD testing. Recent studies in the UK have suggested that up to 85% of all disruptive failures in HV insulation are related to p