Standard cable VLF testing

A significant investment with respect to electric power distribution is in cable systems. A high degree of reliability and reasonable life expectancy of the cable systems are necessary. In order to guarantee optimum performance of the power cable system, standards and guidelines have been developed which address the specific testing requirements for service-aged extruded and laminated dielectric insulation. We perform all our tests to the IEEE Standards to ensure the best product for our customers. Ask us about cable testing and the best solution for you. 

Cable failure through deterioration of electrical insulation can prove costly to your company and pose a potential health threat to your workers. The major environmental and operating mechanisms, which cause insulation to deteriorate over its working life, include excessive voltage, overheating, internal arcing, material aging, moisture ingress, mechanical stress and physical damage. The NPD team provides an efficient cable testing service for our customers. The team has a broad experience in the generation, transmission, distribution and industrial fields. Using the latest diagnostic techniques, we can determine the insulation condition and provide diagnostic reports on your cables.

Cable installations tested:

  • LV Cables
  • HV Cables up to 66kV including sheaths

Cable types tested:

  • Polymeric (XLPE)
  • Paper Lead (Impregnated, Oil and Gas filled)